The Writing Adventures system meets standards in writing set forth by the U.S. Department of Education. See the rubrics matrix below.

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U.S. Department Ed. Standards                      
I. Skills and Strategies Of the Writing Process                      
A. Prewriting  
B. Drafting and Revising    
C. Editing and Publishing    
D. Evaluating      
E. Organizing and Sequencing      
F. Description  
G. Variety of Forms or Genres        
II. Uses Stylistic and Rhetorical Aspects                      
A. Descriptive language    
B. Paragraph Form          
C. Sentence Variety    
D. Transitional devices        
E. Supporting Detail        
F. Cohesion        
III. Uses Grammatical & Mechanical Conventions                      
A. Complete sentences          
B. Variety of parts of speech within sentence        
C. Punctuation and Capitalization          
D. Standard Format                  
IV. Gathers and Uses Information for Research                      
A. Generate questions              
B. Variety of sources                  
C. Multiple representations of information                  
D. Strategies to gather and record information                    
E. Summarize and incorporate research                  
F. Cite and document information