Tools for creating clarity and confidence in writing.

These newest additions to the system simplify the writing process and instruction even more. With friendly visuals and detailed, easy-to-follow outlines, a writing assignment quickly becomes an inviting expedition— even for cautious writers!

Students can:

  • Organize a well structured 5-sentence paragraph
  • Use Transition Words provided to help organize thoughts
  • Turn over the organizer and expand to a 10-12 sentence paragraph
  • Learn to elaborate on ideas and provide specific examples
  • Use the organizer for a variety of assignments
  • Keep writing organized and consistent
  • Become better prepared and confident in taking standardized tests

Teachers can:

  • Make the writing process easy and logical
  • Use posters for small group instruction

Writing Adventures Graphic Organizer Pad
8 1/2" x 11", 2-sided pad of 25 sheets
Item : GO1 $10 each

or 4 for $35

Quantity discount available.

Writing Adventures Poster
28" x 41", 2-sided
Item: GO2 $19.95