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Create-A-Story: The Creative Writing Game Create-A-StoryTM
The Creative Writing Game

Give students the framework and elements for writing a creative story in a board game format. Visit our Hot Tips and download the Teacher's Manual for even more activities with this versatile game.
Writing Adventures Book 1 Writing AdventuresTM
Workbook & Journal - Book 1

This is one extraordinary workbook! This kid-friendly book is filled with pages of activities to build writing skills from the basic sentence to paragraphs and creative stories.
Writing Adventures Book 2 Writing AdventuresTM
Workbook & Journal - Book 2

The fun continues as Book 2 builds writing skills from complex sentences to expository (informative) paragraphs and essays.

Graphic Organizer Poster and Pads

These detailed, easy-to-follow outlines simplify the writing process. Organize a 5-sentence paragraph and then expand it to a 10-12 sentence paragraph by elaborating on ideas and providing specific examples.



Game Pack

Reinforce concepts taught in the Writing Adventures workbooks with nine different games. These oral and written activities reinforce concepts such as punctuation, parts of speech, sentence combining, and editing.



Stepping Stones: The Expository Writing Game

Through the Stepping Stones board game format, players venture down paths to unlock the codes of informative, persuasive, operational, and compare and contrast essays. Graphic organizers and playing cards help players brainstorm, organize, and insert appropriate information.



Writing Adventures Teacher's Manual

This dynamic manual follows our unique scope and sequence designed to systematically build writing skills. Standards based goals, objectives, and clear plans guide teachers and writers through the process from language building to essays. Also included, across-the-curriculum application and our Write to Read™ exercises. 150 pages include 20 new writing and language games and additional organizers.



The Writing Adventures Master Toolkit

We gathered all of our "in-demand" graphic organizers and put them into one "kit". The Master Toolkit follows our scope and sequence so you can quickly and easily find tools for language building, sentence structure, paragraphs, essays, and narratives!



Writing Adventures System

This unique and powerful system offers a lively and highly structured approach to the writing process. Used together or separately, writing becomes what it should be-fun to learn and a joy to teach!