A one-day session taught by the authors
helps you use the products to their fullest potential.

What a difference a day makes.

Under the guidance of Patricia Padgett, co-author of the Writing Adventures system, you'll be immersed and engaged for 6 hours in the how's, why's and wow's behind these products. You'll have unique hands on opportunities so you can become familiar, comfortable, and inventive with these products. You'll also have the knowledge to easily weave them into curriculums you may already have in place.


During the workshop, you will:

  • Play the Create-A-Story game and gain a deeper understanding of its appeal and uses.
  • Go step by step in Workbooks 1 and 2, from generating descriptive words to building sentences and paragraphs using more advanced writing formats like expository writing.
  • Discover ways to implement Writing Adventures™ products in your classroom.
  • Ask questions and get answers that relate to your needs, students, and challenges.
  • Experience extensive modeling so you can be more effective in helping students understand each lesson and task.
  • Liven up writing instruction for a wide range of ages and abilities, while providing students with a highly structured, systematic and fun approach to the writing process.

The Writing Adventures Workshops are:

  • Ideal for teachers, specialists, tutors, parents and
  • Perfect for quickly grasping applications in social studies, science, language arts, and more.

Besides, shouldn't teaching writing be an adventure in learning for you, too?

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