Homeschoolers around the world have experienced success with Writing Adventures. Parents and students find the lesson plans, games, and workbook activities easy to follow as they unravel the mysteries of the writing process. Not only are the lessons and games fun and engaging, but they provide more writing opportunities throughout the day and school year to build success and independence with writing and language.

Many homeschoolers, new and veterans, have questions regarding our materials and the writing process. Whether you have specific questions or would like a general overview, we will schedule a phone appointment to assist you.

Contact us to arrange an appointment.

Our support offers:

  • Guidance with becoming familiar with your Writing Adventures materials and assistance with integrating the lessons and games with social studies, literature, science and other curriculum assignments and projects
  • Suggestions for setting your schedule
  • Ideas for using Writing Adventures with multiple ages and grade levels
  • Recommendations for integrating writing and reading
  • Strategies for working with students with learning differences including students with Autism and ADHD