A Note to Parents

Writing Adventures is designed to set up students – and parents – for success!

Writing Adventures is designed to teach students the process of writing. Specific skills in writing are taught through structured and systematic lessons, games and activities. First, students master basic parts of speech and brainstorm language in an organized format. Then, students utilize their language to build sentences. As the sentence structure progresses from simple to complex, students begin paragraph writing. Finally, the complex tasks of essay writing and creative/narrative writing are explored.

Although teaching these skills can seem overwhelming, our Teacher’s Manual Lesson Plans and games are designed to provide parents with the language and steps to confidently and successfully teach writing skills.

Because the graphic organizers, games, and workbooks provide engaging activities to review and master concepts, Writing Adventures adapts to a variety of homeschool settings and styles.

Writing Adventures provides:

  • Multi-sensory explicit instruction
  • Process-based lessons introducing and reviewing organization and problem solving skills
  • Regular practice with language and sentence structure
  • Consistency with language and procedures to build retrieval and memory for putting thoughts on paper
  • Mastery Checks for progress monitoring
  • Explicit instruction, review, and mastery of Common Core State Standards
  • Appropriate for whole group, small group, and individualized instruction
  • More opportunities for prompted, limited choice, and free choice writing