Scope & Sequence Guide

About the Scope & Sequence Guide

Our Scope & Sequence Guide helps determine which products best fit your needs. Do you need the whole system or just the workbooks? The Scope & Sequence Guide will help you pick and choose products based on the skills you are teaching.

The Guide lists each unit and the lessons within each unit, with the lessons organized into five writing 'strands': 1) Language, 2) Sentences, 3) Paragraphs, 4) Narratives, and 5) Essays.

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How to Use the Guide

The Scope and Sequence may be used 3 different ways:

  1. As a sequential checklist beginning with Unit 1 and progressing through Unit 6
  2. As an identification of the lessons and checklist of progress through each strand
  3. As a progress checklist as you create your own sequence

Students can be responsible for checking off lessons and tracking their own progression through Writing Adventures®. Progress is a great motivator!

How to Read the Guide

In the example shown below from Unit 4, the Language strand is represented with the color blue, thus every lesson within each unit which introduces a part of speech is color coded blue. Similarly, all lessons focusing on narrative writing are color coded purple.


Materials for each strand have been conveniently assembled in Writing Adventures Discovery Packs.