Discovery Pack 2: Paragraphs

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Follow our unique deconstruction/construction process to unlock the structure of expository paragraphs!  The Writing Adventures® process is applied to each expository structure: informative, operational, persuasive, compare and contrast.  From 3-sentence paragraphs to 10-12 sentence expanded paragraphs, these lessons discover and identify expository structure and transition words then apply that knowledge to brainstorming, writing, and editing paragraphs.  The lessons include sample brainstorms with graphic organizers and sample paragraphs to deconstruct.  Also, topic sentences organized by expository structure are at your fingertips!  These lessons include curriculum application ideas to increase paragraph writing and summarizing opportunities in content areas such as science, social studies, and language arts.


  • Teacher’s Manual specific lessons
  • Writing Adventures Books 1 & 2 specific lessons
  • Master Toolkit specific brainstorming graphic organizers and paragraph structure with and without transition words graphic organizers

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