Writing Adventures® – Workbook & Journal Book 2 (Download)

Step-by-Step Mastery of Writing

Ideal for a wide range of ability levels, these kid-friendly, reproducible books are filled with pages of fun activities to spark students’ interest, develop skills and keep writing what it should be – an adventure!

The fun continues in Writing Adventures – Book 2. Build writing skills from complex sentences to expository (informative) paragraphs and essays.

Product Features:

  • Students learn how to organize and write with clarity for informative, operational, persuasive, compare/contrast activities and more
  • Stylistic openers and other techniques are taught so students can grab the reader’s attention
  • Excellent source for reviewing writing skills with older students and adults
  • Ideal for introducing writing skills with elementary and middle school students

Classroom Benefits:

  • Provide a systematic, sequential method of teaching writing skills
  • Assume no prior knowledge, so each step is taught explicitly
  • Explain parts of speech and phrases by what they do, helping students quickly grasp and retain the concepts
  • Contain refreshingly clear and concise lessons, activities, and graphic organizers
  • Use easy-to-follow examples and outlines to give students the clarity and confidence to succeed
  • Include journaling to build the bridge between workbook exercises and real-world application

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